Key Factor employs latest equipment and techniques from around the world to provide a wide range of beauty and anti-aging procedures, tailored to individual needs to turn back the clock and to achieve flawless skin. Key Factor signature treatments are combination of treatments to maximize the effect and is done by the most cutting-edge laser equipment and with the unique protocol supervised by experienced Korean Doctor to achieve stunning effect you never thought you could.




This laser pigment removal treatment deals with all type of pigments to achieve true whitening and brighter skin, with the added bonus of a collagen boost for tighter pores and improved skin elasticity.

  • Effective removal of pigments such as melisma / acquired bilateral nevus of ota-like macules (abnom) / post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) / freckles / acne trauma pigments – The state of the art deep reach 1064nm wavelength laser light penetrates deep into the skin layers to break down those pesky ugly pigments.
  • Whiter, brighter and more radiant skin – In addition, laser pigment removal treatment effectively deals with vascular problem to reduce redness that arises from blood vessels. It will leave your skin noticeably whiter and brilliantly brighter, and get rid of redness whether it is caused by vessels on your face or by acne.
  • More elastic youthful skin with reduced pores – Laser pigment removal treatment also activates collagen growth through thermal laser penetrating deep tissue which will not harm your outer skin, but will give younger looking skin with reduced pores and improved elasticity.




Cutting-edge combination laser regeneration therapy to erase all unwanted blemishes including traumatic scars.

  • Effectively remove acne scars, surgical scars or other marks or scars such as chicken pox – The amazing power of Nd-YAG fractional laser works to erase unwanted ugly scars from your skin, and the latest ablated RF treatment will stimulate your cell regeneration and growth to achieve blemish free skin.
  • Tighter skin and reduced fine lines – Through high intense RF energy effectively, scar removal laser treatment also restructures collagen in a tighter line, and causes coagulation of fat to achieve lifting with noticeably fewer fine lines.
  • Pigment removal effect – Through ablation, RF energy effectively destroys pigments in the dermis. Scar removal laser treatment has the bonus effect of smaller pores and whiter skin.




Diagnosed on the spot, Key Factor expert will mix and match procedures for your skin that can correct and improve skin conditions and help to keep your skin younger, hydrated, well-rested and white.

With Key Factor’s unique diagnosed based laser-assisted facial you can maintain the perfect skin everyday. Regularly maintain your skin to prevent premature aging and improve dehydrated skin. This treatment can exfoliate dead skin cells and rejuvenate moisture into the skin, thereby promoting the generation of new skin cells and speeding up metabolism, achieving a tender and smooth skin texture. It can also reduce sun spots and age spots and smooth out fine lines around the eyes and neck.




One and only contour lifting for outstanding facial contour (also very effective for fine lines around the eyes)

Utilizing deep focus thermal inducing 1064nm pulse laser combined with ablation RF, this treatment can restructure the protein and reshape fat to create remarkable and noticeably lifted facial contours while also improving deep lines and fine lines. Immediate noticeable result with visible improvement to V lines.




Deep lifting, less pain. Ultherapy is a one-time-only, non-invasive, no downtime lifting surgery.

This FDA approved lifting equipment uses ultrasound and the body’s own healing process to lift and tighten loose skin. The treatment bypasses the skin’s surface and delivers focused ultrasound energy into deep skin tissues to stimulate the growth of new collagen to recondition ageing skin, tightening and lifting sagging and loose skin back to a youthful and firm shape. With ultherapy at our Hong Kong clinic, a desirable result can be achieved after one single treatment.




Instant eye lift

The instant eye lift treatment utilizes RF energy in a high intensity focused way to raise up the sagging eyelid that can cause you to look sleepy, tired and aged.