Medical Beauty Treatments

Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment Key Factor employs the latest equipment and techniques from around the world to provide a wide range of beauty and anti-aging procedures, tailored to individual needs to turn back the clock and to achieve flawless skin. Key Factor signature treatments are actually a combination of individual treatments, designed to maximise the total effect. Our medical beauty treatments aren’t available in stores and standard salons, and can only be applied by appropriately trained aestheticians.

Medical beauty treatments are done by the most cutting-edge laser equipment and with the unique protocol supervised by experienced Korean doctor to achieve stunning effect you never thought you could. This gives you peace of mind that you’re being treated by a professional with the skills and knowledge to diagnose your beauty and skin care needs.
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Body Treatment

Body Treatment Key Factor treatments are one of a kind unique treatments that are safe, utilising state of the art laser equipment to enhance and correct skin conditions to achieve true beauty with superior results. Select from a range of therapies designed to recontour, smooth and refine. From removing unwanted hair, unsightly moles and lesions to firming and correcting body shape, there’s a Key Factor treatment for everyone.< More details … >

Beauty Injections

Beauty Injections The four beauty injection options are Key Factor’s premier treatments that glamorise your skin. Among them is the “Mixed Beauty Shot”, which is available exclusively at Key Factor. This unique injection utilises well known and proven safe ingredients. This unique in house mix magically transforms your skin to be brighter, plumper and moisturised, as well as more youthful. As a beauty injection, it is designed to eliminate lines and augment the natural contour of the face for instant natural beauty. Your doctor at Key factor will personally prescribe injections to help you achieve your ideal look, as well as ensuring that your treatments are applied safely. < More details … >